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Our Services

What Service We Offer

We offer a varieties of services such as construction and mining industry locally and internationally through unrelenting dedication to Great Product Delivery. 

Civil Engineering

Basic Construction Road Construction
Offshore/Steel/Structural Engineering
Design, Building and Construction of Housing projects, Real Estate, Standard Offices. Etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Installation, Maintenance of Industrial overhead Cranes, Servicing of Heavy duties Pumps and Oil filters, aintenance of Locomotive Engines Pipeline fabrication.

Electrical Engineering

Supply, Installation, Maintenance of Sub-stations, High Voltage Breakers, Oil Transformer Protection of Transmission Systems Power Plant Maintenance
Rural Electrification Scheme


Underground and Surface Drilling
Blasting Sample Preparation Underground Mining Exploration drilling, handheld mining etc.

Dredging & Sand Dumping

Expertise in waterways dredging and sand dumping in any terrain or location of your choice. Your satisfaction is our passion.

Heavy-Duty Equipment

Available for hire, wide range of light/ heavy-duty equipment supporting general and specialized construction sector services



We have in-bound of a group individuals that are very knowledgeable in professions, craft and decision making

Ken. K. Oguguo
    Ken. K. Oguguo


    Love help companies grow, through an impactful, insights of my experience in the field, i believe in nations building for growth and development of both society and humanitarian

    Lovelyn. E. Oguguo
      Lovelyn. E. Oguguo

      Director/ Executive Secretary

      Seeing our dear country with so many resources and intelligent people always gives me the courage to strive for the betterment of our dear country through a thorough research and development building.

      Chukwudube Noble Kenechukwu
        Chukwudube Noble Kenechukwu

        Executive Director-Planning/Technical Services

        Building and construction is the heart-beat of our team, which is the main reason i decided to be part of this so endowed men of integrity and capable to executive deligently.

        Adaugo Uchechuku Kenechukwu
          Adaugo Uchechuku Kenechukwu

          Director- Finance

          Am special agent when it comes to development and constructions insights. This i cherish with my whole professions, that why i become part of this great team.

          Wisdom Osagie Barislowitsch
            Wisdom Osagie Barislowitsch

            Director- Human Resources

            We at Kkenogus Integrated Nigeria Ltd. always strive to give you the best in all our services. This we cherish so much to retain our client to the very best interest.