Welcome To Kkenogus Integrated Resources Ltd

We are strategically aligned to delivering superior and sustainable returns on investment. We are built to weather industry cycles with tremendous flexibility in the construction industry.

We are inclined to innovation, technology, and data, as we work to create value for our investors, team members, and the communities where we operate.

Years Experience


We make things easier with our ever solving skill from professionals

Our company is here for all, and we are on a quest to get every client a ever deserving quality and standard work operation. We go extra miles to get our client a befitting service required.

Our Vision

To provide our client with timely business services, both locally and gloably.

Our Mission

To promote the public and private sectors through the development and delivery of projects.

Professional Team

Our Board of Directors have extensive experience in research, business/ project consulting, capacity building, and business/ project development and bring to bear their competencies in this regard in guiding the affairs of the Company.



Managing Director/CEO

Expert in latest, formidable road engineering and technology – soil and ground stabilization, impulse compaction and Hybrid foundation. Austria trained road engineer. KKENOGUS INTEGRATED RESOURCES LTD has Terra-mix Ltd as Associate and technical partner. Terra-mix.com is a top world class construction company, has their presence in seven countries in Europe.



Director/Executive Secretary

Enthusiastic person social and self encouraging, love to get it done neat and quick.

Chukwudube Noble Kenechukwu

Chukwudube Noble Kenechukwu

Executive Director- Planning/ Technical Services

Best in design and always modern in approach, he loves to make new ideas look great.

Adaugo Uchechuku Kenechukwu

Adaugo Uchechuku Kenechukwu

Director- Finance

She is the best in monitoring processes and giving quality assurance recommendations.

Wisdom Osagie Barislowitsch

Wisdom Osagie Barislowitsch

Director- Human Resources

He plays an important role as project manager as well as she’s good in team work.

Ms Jeniffer Gwari

Ms Jeniffer Gwari


Absolutely excellent in creative thinking, always determine to get better of every processes involve in project.

Our Trusted Associate

Our Most trusted associate company is Terra-mix Ltd.

Terra-mix.com is a top world class construction company, has their presence in seven countries in Europe.

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